LETIBO is a small kennel located in Zagreb, Croatia. We are members of FCI, HKS and KPP.

All my dogs are fist and foremost my best friends and pets and then show dogs. They live a normal dogs lives; play in the garden, take long walks, go where I go; spend holidays at the seaside, weekends at the country and at the and of a day they all curl up beside me.

My love for these beautiful breed began in 1993 when I got my first Shih tzu - Aron. He is the reason I fell in love with the breed. As I want to have a part of Aron allways with me, I showned him a few times, got his breeding permit and so came his daughter Panda. And that's how we started.


STANDARD:      FCI     &    AKC

        SHIH TZU ( sacred lion dog) roots originate from monasteries of the far and secret country of Tibet. It's belived that the breed is a cross between the Tibetan Apso and  the Pekingese. They were considered holy dogs and were very prized on the Chinese court. First Shih tzus were presented in Europe, at the English court in the early 1930 s where they also become recognized as a breed.

        SHIH TZU  is a friendly, playfull little dog. They have a «lap dog» personality and are very people oriented dogs. Because of their sturdy and solid build , they can also accompany you on long walks.

Shih tzus lifespan is fairly long, they can easely live up to 15 years

They enjoy their food and are big gourmets so you should be very firm when setting their diet.

Long coats of theirs need daily grooming

        STANDARD: Maximum size up to 10 kg and 27 cm of height. Broad and round head, nose up to 2,5 cm in lenght, dark with wide open nostrils. Eyes big, dark and round. Ears large and set below the crown of the skull. The tail is carried gaily over the firm level back.

The coat is beautiful and long with an underlayer and comes in a wide range of colors. A white blaze on the forehead and a white tip on the tail are very prized.

Shih tzu moves fluently with arogance and style.